Been away for a while…what did I miss?

Hello all you Hi Toppers out there. I know it been a while since I last wrote and many have things changed.

First, lets start with the obvious. It has been cold as hell outside and this just isnt fun anymore. Remember back in the late summer when everyone says, “It will be nice for the cold air to come back”? Well, Screw you and the horse you rode in on. Haven’t felt my  toes in a week and my nostrils have been permanently  frozen together.

Second. I know this is a very Celtics heavy site, but the Bruins are the real deal! The real boys of winter made December their bitch by going 10-2-2 and moved up to second place in the Atlantic Division. Tuukka Rask was named the NHL’ First star for December  by going 9-0-1 and with a ridiculous 1.22 goals against average. So apparently my cousin Joey and his Mite hockey experience can’t be as trusted as I once thought.

Last night the Bruins faced 2x defending Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins on the back end of a 2 games in 2 nights stint. After falling behind 3-1 after 1 the B’s stormed back to score 4 goals in the middle frame. Eventually the Pens would win in Overtime off a quick neutral zone transaction which caught the B’s in a line change and left Brad Marchand on defense to try and stop Malkin and Kessel on a 2 on 1.

Overall, great game and great effort by a team that played the night before. The Bruins are now on a league mandated bye week..yes that is a real thing in the NHL since last year.

Speaking of the game before, the Bruins offense came to life beating the Hurricanes 7-1. Patrice Bergeron, who in my opinion the the best all around player in the league, scored 4 goals!!!

There is much more to talk about, including a recap of the IIHF World Junior Championship and preparation for the the Winter Olympics. Be on the look out for our piece on the the U.S’s newest and biggest enemy…the evil Norway!


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