Barcelona Adds Coutinho

Let’s start with a personal confession – The Lil’ Dogg is a footy fan. I’ve held that card close to my vest but no longer can I hold back. I love the Jogo Bonito and you can stick your I Hate Soccer Rants in a sack cuz I have no time for that. It’s played out and quite frankly it’s your loss if you’ve never witnessed a majesterial Leo Messi goal or a Harry Kane wonder strike.

So for all my footy fans out there let’s talk about the big news of the January Window. The Transfer of Philippe Coutinho from Liverpool to Barcelona.

Coutinho is good. Very good in fact. But is he $160 million dollars good?

Yes and no but it doesn’t really matter because at the start of the season Barcelona sold Neymar Jr. to Paris St. Germain for a quarter of a billion dollars. That money was burning a hole in Barca’s wallet and they’ve been eyeing Coutinho for awhile (especially after their first purchase Dembélé went down with a hamstring injury).

Is Barca the odds on favorite to win both La Liga and the Champions League now?

Well imma hit ya with another yes and no because Barca is already up 14 points on Madrid so La Liga is pretty much locked up before Coutinho even laces up his boots. But in an M. Night plot twist the Champions League is a different matter cuz….Coutinho can’t play for Barca this season in the Champions League. He’s already logged minutes for Liverpool in the competition so he’s ineligible to suit up for Barca until next year.

So why buy Coutinho now???? Two words – World Cup. Coutinho should have a great showing in Russia along side Neymar on a Brazilian squad poised to make a run for the Cup. His price would balloon if Brazil won. Get him now at a discount Barca figures.

All that being said the best team in the world just added the Premier League’s most exciting player. Coutinho is a threat to score for 45 yards out every time he gets a touch.

Neymar is a blast to watch but he’s also a ball dominant player who never really fit in with Messi and always wanted a team of his own.

Coutinho seems overjoyed to be joining Barca so the only question is whether he’ll be too overwhelmed, too star struck by Messi and Iniesta and the like. Barca is already the best in the world. Will Coutinho make them contenders for best of all-time?

We shall see. Just not in the Champions League.

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