All-Time Hi-Topper Guy – Beano Cook

There was a time, Hi-Topper Nation, a time before “Committees” and “Playoffs” fraudulently claimed that they had the best interests of the game in mind, a time when giants ruled the land of College Football. A time when Men with conviction made bold proclamations:

A time of a legends. And one legend, one star shined brightest in the College Football Cosmos – Beano Cook.

Watch the Man in action:

“They’re 11-0 what am I not supposed to include them?”

It’s intelligent thinking like this that is sorely lacking in the minds of those that currently preside, née lord, over the College Football landscape. If Beano we’re still around the UCF’s of the world would be given a fair shot because if Beano was anything he was a guy who did not play favorites to the moneyed elites of the College Gridiron. Beano called it like he saw it. Beano went out on a limb and said things that the world may not have been ready for but still needed to hear.

Beano told the truth because Beano was the truth.

Rest In Peace Beano. College Football hasn’t been the same without your level headed pragmatism.

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