I Fear Jayson Tatum is Dunking Too Hard

Celtics not-rookie Jayson Tatum is addicted to dunking and it is starting to become a problem.

Take a look at some of Tatum’s most recent work:

Three very strong jams from last night alone. And the day before he did this to poor Karl Anthony Townes:

Now I like slam dunks just as much as any other red blooded American and it’s not even the amount of jams that has me concerned although the frequency of Tatum’s stuffs is quite alarming.

No. What really has my soul troubled is the ferocity of Jayson Tatum’s flushes. Tatum jams with such intensity, such power, such raw energy that I fear for the health of his hands (and those innocent rims he keeps abusing).

On December 20 Jayson Tatum dislocated his right pinky finger and his 3-Point shooting hasn’t been the same since.

Here’s some simple math. A dunk is worth two points. A three-pointer is worth three points. 3 is greater than 2.

Jayson Tatum’s ferocious dunking is keeping his hand from fully healing. The Celtics need all of Tatum’s pinky fingers at full working capabilities.

Granted Tatum did drain the game sealing shot, a corner three, within mere moments of a previous earth shattering dunk:

So all hope is not lost and when talking about Tatum nothing can be discounted because the kid, née MAN, has shown to have supernatural scoring abilities that mortal humans can only dream of but I choose to leave nothing to chance.

Please Jason Tatum, for the love of all things hoop, please refrain from further destroying basketball rims with your thunderous slam dunks. The Celtics need your other worldly three point shooting and sadly the only option is to kick out the jams.


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