The Terry Rozier Appreciation Society

Terry Rozier – TRIII – not the hero Boston deserves but the hero Boston needs right now.

TRIII is on a run of six straight double digit scoring games off the bench. But more importantly he’s playing AGGRESSIVE:

Pushing the ball up the floor, attacking the rim, challenging the D and creating offensive. This is what the second unit needed and TRIII is providing the spark.

Marcus Smart may ostensibly be a bench player but really he’s more like an extended starter. He plays starter level minutes. He’s going to be on the court during crunch time. When it comes to the leader of the bench mob that role has fallen to TRIII and he has stepped in and stepped up.

He’s looking for his shot, taking and making them. He’s also helping out on the boards (9 against the Wolves) and dishing out a fair share of assists.

The TRIII Appreciation Society is hereby created and all are welcome to join.


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