A Magnum Opus on Gerald Green

Gerald Green has risen from the dead more times than Freddy Kruger, Jason and Michael Myers combined. The NBA keeps trying to kill him but he just won’t stay dead. He’s played on 8 different NBA teams in 12 years. He spent two years playing in Russia. He has played on teams called the Fayetteville Patriots and the LA D-Fenders. He was MVP of both the MacDonald’s All-American game and the D League All-Star game. Here’s a Venn Diagram of People who were MVP of both of those games:

Gerald Green is a folk hero. A myth. The facts of his life make no sense and would be laughed out of a movie script about his life (although a movie about GG’s life would be an instant top 10 sports movie or at least better than 90% of Kevin Costner’s sports movies). Gerald Green is missing part of his ring finger on his right hand. He lost this portion of his finger in accident involving a dunk because of course it would involve a dunk but the incident also took place in sixth grade. SIXTH GRADE. While you were just mastering the art of actually being able to reach a ten foot rim with a shot jump, Gerald Green was grabbing the rim on dunks and getting his finger torn off.

He played his High School basketball for a “charter school” that operated out of a mall and was eventually investigated for selling transcripts and fraud involving milking the state of Texas out of $11 million.

Gerald Green was one of the last High School to Pro guys after the initial late 90s – early 2000s onslaught of kids skipping college. He went to the Celtics in the middle of the first round and barely played for two years. He won a dunk contest (with arguably the most creative dunk contest dunk of all-time):

and was out of the league before he was 24 years old. He was written off as a bust. An “athlete” who could only dunk. A guy who should have gone to college and developed more before the NBA. He was the example of why straight from HS didn’t work. He was everything that was wrong with young players in this day and age….

Gerald Green should have disappeared. He could have taken his rookie contract money and gone back to Texas and never been heard from again. Instead he kept playing. While no one was looking he played and played and played. Krasnodar Russia. Samara Russia. Guangzhou China. Gerald Green kept playing.

He probably could have made a very nice living playing overseas if cashing checks was all he wanted. Instead Gerald Green came back to the United States and started over in the D League. When he finally got a chance back in the NBA with the then NJ Nets he announced his return with perhaps the best alley-oop dunk in league history:

Of course it had to be a dunk but he also proved himself a capable NBA option for the first time in his career. He’s bounced from team to team since then but now as an NBA veteran.

Gerald Green returned to the Celtics last year. It wasn’t a victory lap or a triumphant return, just a journeyman getting another shot with another team. There were highs and lows and in the end the Celtics chose not to bring him back this year.

Gerald Green did not have a team for the first four months of the 2017-2018 season. Then his hometown Houston Rockets called. Last night Gerald Green hit 7 threes off the bench for the Rockets. Yet again he has risen from the dead, resurrected his basketball career.

Gerald Green styled his hair into the Rockets logo. Gerald Green is wearing a Houston Oilers Earl Campbell jersey. Gerald Green is home.

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