Big Players Make Big Plays in Big Games

This is part of HTTA’s CFP Championship Preview Series


There is nothing that sways the momentum of a game like a big play…or a chunk play, as the kids today call ’em. The big play can ignite a quiet crowd, elate a struggling offense, and deflate a dominating defense all in a matter of seconds. 

It’s like the football equivalent of hitting a trifecta, or your number coming up on the roulette wheel after a long drunken night at the casino, or feeling a boob for the first time at a party in your parents basement…even if it seems like you’ve been trying and failing forever, when it happens, it more than makes up for it.

Well, if the dynamic duo of Georgia running backs have anything to say about it, the National Championship game may come down to big plays.

When it comes to 20+ Yard rushes, UGA led the nation with 46. Both backs were in the top 20 individually- Nick Chubb had 19 (5th) and Michel 13 (t19th)- and you don’t have to look any further than their Rose Bowl victory. Each back had a 50+ yard TD to fuel the comeback and eventual OT victory.



Now, don’t go sending the trophy to Athens quite yet. For their part, Alabama is the best rushing defense in the country, 3rd at preventing 20+ yard rushes, and #1 overall at preventing any big plays of 20+ or 30+ yards. They are a smothering and dominating rush defense, led 1st round prospects by Da’ron Payne and linebacker Rashaan Evans.

So when you’re tuning in on Monday night, watch out for which teams’ twosome of studs can make (or prevent) the big plays when it matters most.

And if you haven’t ever hit on roulette, or the other thing…keep at it…you’ll get there!

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