NBA Rewind – The Cyclone Bomb is Here

A mere mortal blog would be shut down on a day when a Cyclone Bomb Snowstorm comes to town but not Hi-Top. We are Internet Godz and we blog right in the damn face of a once in a lifetime super storm.

Let’s get knee deep in last night’s NBA action.

Cavs 88 Celtics 102

Cleveland…they showed up. Totes domination by the Green Machine from start to finish. 6 Celtics in double figures with TRIII netting 20 from the bench (just as Hi-Top predicted). Great ball movement and team D. Solid win.

J-Train takes flight (mixed metaphor I know):

Tatum is not a rookie:

Al gets his:

Spurs 106 Sixers 112

Philly’s kinda scary guys!!!

This will be on repeat for the next ten years:

Warriors 125 Mavs 122

Chef Curry FTW:

Thunder 133 Lakers 96

The Fake Show loses by 37 and is now sporting a 11-26 record which puts them at the #2 spot in the draft. Oh yeah Boston controls the Lakers pick.



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