Saban in Championship Form

HTTA CFP Championship Preview

Almost immediately after smoking Clemson in the playoff, the greatest college coach of all time had shifted focus to the title matchup with Georgia. Item #1 on his agenda: expressing concern over the quick turnaround:

Saban scheduling

Seven days…SEVEN!….to prepare for the biggest game of the year. I hear ya, Nick. I mean, yeah, that is basically the amount of time you’d have to prepare for, like, 90% of your games. So a good coaching staff, like Alabama’s, should have no problem getting ready for UGA…a team they play frequently. Not to mention, they had over 5 weeks off before their last game.

Saban knows this, and has no concern for his preparation, or his players’ readiness. This is all making himself the villain. It has worked. A majority of the chatter on the interwebs have been tearing apart Saban…and that’s exactly how he likes it.


Nobody plays the villain like Nick. He’s a next-level evil genius. My man’s been playing the long con on the press for over 20 years. Much like Belichick, he acts bothered that he even has to answer questions, and when he does he is seemingly giving nothing. But the whole time, he’s planting exactly what he wants to, and this time it’s a masterful stroke.

Once again, Saban has posted up in the collective heads of the college football world…a place he has resided since arriving in Tuscaloosa. 

Now, how this will effect the Bulldogs remains to be seen. Their HC, Kirby Smart, spent over 10 years working for Saban. So if he’s the type to take the bait, his former boss would certainly know. But you tell me…does this look like a guy who’s up for a battle of mental wits with the GOAT???


It’s a given Smart will get his pants coached off next Monday…the only real question is, has Saban already begun to take them down.


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