Point-Counter Point – Nick Saban is the WORST

A lot of things get called THE WORST on the Internet but Nick Saban really truly wholeheartedly is THE WORST.

Saban is a bore. Saban is a grump. Saban takes himself and his football team so seriously that he actually believes his own boring grumpy BS.

Saban gets compared to Coach Belichick a lot but the comparison is just wrong. It misses the mark because everything Belichick does is done with an ever so slight wink. Belichick is in on the joke or is at least willing to admit that the joke exists. Belichick is playing the part of a grumpy super serious coach and he knows he’s playing the part and he enjoys playing the part.

Saban really really really thinks that what he’s doing is important. That it’s “more than a game”. That he’s “molding young men”. He would not for one second let down his guard in any way. News flash ol’ Nicky Boy – you’re exploiting and profiting off unpaid labor. Your the highest paid public employee in a state that redacted redacted redacted redacted

Ed. Note – Okay. Okay. Lil’ Dogg got a little off topic here. Let’s reel it back in.

Nick Saban wins football games. Sometimes. Other times he loses to his in-state rival and it doesn’t matter. Then he gets rewarded with a bye week before the playoffs. He schedules really tough non-conference games like Mercer and mostly can’t even win his half of the SEC let alone the whole SEC but yeah he’s a genius and a really swell guy who doesn’t at all leave entire franchises in the lurch after promising not to take other jobs.

Three cheers for Nicky Saban. Stand up guy.


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