Celtics v Cavs – Last Game Before the Cyclone Bomb Hits Preview

The Cyclone Bomb is barreling towards New England as we speak (if you’re not prepared, get prepared ) and the very last act as a cohesive functioning region of the United States may very well be tonight’s Celtics game against bitter rivals the Cleveland Cavaliers.

I’ll save the IT drama for your llama (but if you haven’t read Le Cap’s excellent take stop and do so now) and focus on people actually playing in the game.

Jaylen Brown

According to noted Hi-Top enthusiast and Celtics reporter Adam Kaufman, the J-Train’s production has been decreasing month to month:

This is not good. It’s no coincidence the Celtics hot streak coincided with J-Train’s best numbers. Boston needs the J-Train on track and chug chug chugging along.

Kevin Love

Love has been putting up some big numbers lately and really finding his form from behind the arc. Boston’s hallmark defensive key is always no open threes – going to need to keep on top of Love and stay disciplined when LeBron and Co. try to drive and kick out to Love for the corner trey.

Boston Bench Mob

Production production production. Who will step up and be the Man for the second unit. Rozier has shown some real flashes lately and been displaying highlight reel eye popping athleticism that I frankly did not know he possessed. He’s certainly eclipsed Larkin in the pecking order. Can he put up points and defend the likes of JR Smith and DWade? Tonight will be a nice little test case for TRIII (nickname copyright Benny Gloves).

LeBron James

Maybe he’s still drunk on wine from NYE???????

The Cyclone Bomb isn’t set to hit until after midnight so here’s to Celtics and Hi-Topper Nation sleeping snug and safe with dreams of J-Train dunks and sugar plum Kyrie dancing to the rim to soothe us before our impending snow doom.



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