Weekend Winner

Hey folks have you heard about this, have you read about this, it’s Winter and during Winter it gets coooooold outside.

Apparently football media persons are just learning this amazing fact and want, no need to tell everyone how just how cold it really is so your Weekend Winner and the first of 2018 is…Temperature Measurement Devices.

You have your tried and true ol’ wall thermometer:

No trick left unturned by the genius.

How about frozen water cuz when it’s cold water freezes:

Or sometimes it doesn’t. Science is hard guys.

Players pretending to be Meteorologists ✔️:

Frozen Breathe alert! Frozen Breathe alert!

Also topless. Oh la la.

So remember Hi-Top Nation it’s Winter right now and sometimes during Winter it gets really cold but thankfully we have the NFL to remind us.


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