13-0…That’s cute.

With all due respect to Lil’ Dogg, the true national champ will be crowned next Monday…and it’s not UCF.


Now, I know deep down the Dogg can’t really believe UCF deserves to be champ...he just hates the process. But how can you argue with a process that has 4 WAGONS battling for the title, and leaves these little JV teams on the outside looking in? It’s perfection!!!

UCF had a nice little run, 13-0, ho hum. They ran the table in the powerhouse American Athletic Conference. Then, they took down 20th-ranked Memphis (their only ranked opponent) in the legendary AAC Conference Championship; a game I can only assume was played on the back practice field the Monday after the Power 5 conference championships…you know the one that only has a goal post on one end and two sets of small metal bleachers that are 3 rows each. Two refs, running time. Little kid on the chains. Not even all the parents show up.

I mean just look at this schedule. WHAT. A. RESUME.

UCF Schedule


I can only assume those cancelled games were the result of teams being overcome with fear after the 61-17 drubbing of perennial juggernaut, FIU, on opening weekend. Quite impressive.


Beating Auburn in the Peach Bowl was a nice win for the Knights, it was. Good for them. But, overall, just like the Boise State’s and Utah’s before them, these underdog teams from bullshit conferences have no business sharing the stage with the true Playoff teams.

So, once again, things are looking up for your boy. The SEC is back on top, the khaki-clad Harbaugh is taking heat in Ann Arbor, UCF can start prepping for the Spring Semester, and the Crimson Tide of the University of Alabama are right where they belong…in the National Championship Game.


Make sure to follow @Hi-Top Athletics for all of your National Title coverage, as I pledge to have the most over-bearing, obnoxious, Alabama-biased takes this side of Paul Finebaum.

Le Cap


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