Stop the Presses – JT is back

In an all-time shocker, JT, The Man, The Myth, The Legend is releasing a new album. This news comes out of nowhere – if by “nowhere” you choose to ignore the fact that he was previously announced as the Super Bowl Half-Time Act even though he hadn’t released music in years and was presumably on a break from music. So I guess it’s just a major coinky-dink that he had an album in the tank ready to go timed perfectly with the Super Bowl – what luck!

Lil’ Dogg’s Top 5 Tasty Nuggets from the JT Album Announcement Video

5. He’s a Man Of the Woods

JT is not in the woods he’s of the woods. Very important distinction there. If you are “in the woods” then you are just simply there – it’s a statement of location – but if you are instead “of the woods” – well then now you are on to a higher plane, an altered state of being, you are one with the woods. JT IS THE WOODS.

4. Distressed Black Leather Jackets are Back baby!

October 12, 1987. That was the day the single for George Michael’s Faith was released. That was also the last day Leather Jackets were in. 31 long years but now JT has brought them back. Thank you JT. Thank you.

3. JT is a Woodsman for All Seasons

Hot. Cold. Winter. Summer. Fall. Brisk days. Cool nights. It doesn’t matter. JT is in the woods….I mean of the woods… no matter the weather, no matter the season. You want to find JT? Go to the woods.

2. Apparently the rest of his albums were not personal

Are you a big fan of the 20/20 Experience? How about FutureSex or Justified? Well guess what? Those were just crass commercial grabs. Coldly calculated. But not this one. This is about art. And the woods.

1. Is JT running after the horses or being chased by the horses?

Obviously this is the defining question of the album. I expect at least 6 songs about horses. Does JT own these horses or does he now work as a Horse Hand, breaking wild horses, feeding the horses, living with the horses, etc. Did the horses escape from their barn? Is he chasing them or are they chasing him? I need to know more about the horses.

February 2 can’t come fast enough. JT is back and this time it’s personal…and also about the woods and horses and Leather Jackets with fringe…did that jacket really have fringe…is fringe back???? First he brings sexy back and now fringe??????


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