IT Returns in Street Clothes, and an XXL Ego

The Cavs are in town tomorrow night to play the C’s and it will mark the return of IT. He won’t be playing- he returns from a hip injury tonight, and won’t be playing back to backs for a while- but he will be in the house.

If you’ve been paying attention to the Celtics for the past decade, the team is all about one thing…TRIBUTE VIDEOS. When ex-Celtics first return. When they are retiring. It doesn’t matter…this team loves the vids.

It was a huge deal when KG and Paul Pierce had their moments. This video for The Truth and his reaction seem to have made it a little dusty in Casa Le Cap:


But the Green don’t stop with stars and HOF’ers. I was in attendance on Jan 23rd, 2012 at a seemingly meaningless 31 point blowout win over the Orlando Magic when this happened:


That’s right, folks. A tribute video for the man who started 31 games over 4 years, averaging 7.6 points, and was non-tendered….like I said, these guys love doing this shit.

Maybe it’s the Celtic tradition thing. Maybe they have some kid from Emerson they way overpaid and need to justify his existence. I don’t know. But what I do know is, I bet they had something planned for IT.

He clearly thought so too, and he actually preemptively requested that he NOT be honored tomorrow night, but at a later date, and is freely talking about it. You don’t tell people when it’s appropriate to honor you…and the fact that he is open about it tells me he is borderline delusional. What a friggin’ ego on this guy. Here is his rather chippy explanation, in the form of a twitter exchange:

IT get over

I, Le Cap, am humbly requesting that the C’s do NOTHING for Isaiah, tomorrow night or any other night. Not a video. No screen time. No acknowledgement of him whatsoever.

Look, I’ve written about this before. I liked IT a lot when he was here. He’s a gamer, clearly gave his all for the team, and he was a really good player- just ask him. And I have no problem with him having his moment in front of the Boston crowd at some point. But considering the way he reacted- like an entitled baby- to the trade this summer, and the comments he made regarding the organization and Danny, clearly he is bothered by the way things went down.

Just in the last 48 hours or so, he’s still very sensitive about it:

IT 2017

Now, considering the Cavs are the biggest threat in the Eastern Conference, and that an on-point IT makes them that much threat-ier…wouldn’t you want to try anything you could to get under his skin? Clearly he is assuming he’s getting a tribute…pull the old switcheroo, and it will throw him off his game completely. It will absolutely get in his head.

Red would do it. Belichick would do it. It’s the right move. In the name of gamesmanship, in this era of sportsmanship…I hope the Celtics of this era do the right thing.


Le Cap





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