5 Reasons why UCF are MY National Champs

5. 13-0 Record

This probably should be the #1 reason, you know actually winning all the games you played, but since the Powers That Be who guide College Football and make ever so sure that no tomfoolery, no shenanigans, no no-no’s take place, since those Beacons of Goodness do not place much, if any, credence on the outcomes of the actual games themselves well then I won’t either.

4. Coach Scott Frost

There is nothing and I mean nothing more important in College Athletics than the Coaches. They are the ones with their jobs on the line, they get the paychecks and the private jets, the parachute payments when things go wrong and the big contracts when things go right. It’s all on them and all about them. Coach Frost is on to bigger and better (or not) things at Nebraska but he choose to see out what he had started at UCF. He didn’t run off like some whiny Freshman transferring just because the starting spot he was promised didn’t pan out. And no sitting out a year either. Frost gets right to work, probably on the recruiting trail as I type this. What a man!

3. America Athletic Conference

Now this is an NCAA athletic conference. You have teams from as far west as Texas and Oklahoma all the way to the Southeast coast and up to New England. You wanna talk about the Student-Athlete experience. Ain’t no better experience than doing your Psych 201 homework on a Tuesday night flight back from Tulsa.

2. Kings of Florida

Undoubtedly UCF is now the biggest football program in the great state of Florida. Move over the U, step aside Gators, your time is up Seminoles cuz UCF are here to stay. This ain’t no fly by (k)night program. This is a major university in a hot bed state. It’s their time to shine.

1. Shaquem Griffin

No jokes here. Just mad respect. This guy’s got one hand and he’s the conference Defensive Player of the Year. He’s already my 2018 Hi-Topper of the Year and we’re only 2 days in. This guy can play on my team any day.

Schools have a long history of “claiming” national titles. Princeton claims about 40 from the 1800s and Notre Dame’s whole damn legacy is built on claimed titles so why not bring back the tradition.

I hereby claim the 2018 National Championship for the UCF Knights.



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