Code Red Press Release – James Harrison stands alone for National Anthem

For Immediate Release:

Hi-Top Nation,

Please take a look at the following visual evidence of newest Patriot acquisition James Harrison’s “antics” during today’s National Anthem.

This is NOT the Patriot Way people!!!!!

Why is he standing alone?????

Is this some sort of protest????? Is James Harrison revealing his true nature as STEELER SPY?!?!?!?!?!!??? What does it MEAN??????????

Obviously the bruhaha over Harrison’s supposed controversial exit from Pittsburgh was all a ruse. That much is true now.

How can Coach Belichick allow such individualistic behavior? The Patriots have always run a tight no-nonsense ship, no bad apples allowed, no distractions, just football football football.

And what about owner Robert Kraft? Surely his best friend and all around great person name redacted will be on the phone immediately asking for an explanation. The troops can not and should not have to endure such disrespect. Look at Harrison. Just look at him standing there.

It’s just all so awful. I can hardly stand it. I just might have to boycott the NFL and send their plummeting ratings down even farther.

Oh James Harrison. I had such high hopes that the Patriot Way would save your soul and you had to go and ruin everything during your first real test as a Patriot.

For shame.


Hi-Top HQ

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