Brown Paper Packages

‘sup… it’s ur Boy Benny, checkin’ back in after a looooong winters nap. Merry this and Happy that to you and yours.

As I have always said, I am a big, Big, BIG Le Cap guy (#shinglebyshingle). And if there is one thing that Le Cap always taught me, it’s that HTTA supports free advertising. So with that in mind I thought I might start a little semi-regular series shouting out a few of my favorite things (get it, now the title makes sense to you musical theater fans, which I assume is a large portion of our readership). So look for these posts if you want to know how to spend ur hard earned Christmas Cash to bring a little more Benny to ur life.

So let’s get it going with the no doubt, walk off winner of the HTTA approved brand of the year… The People’s Champ, The People’s Choice, Da Gawd and Ur Boy Benny’s #1 Favorite Thing, drum roll please…

Now my personal choice is the 30 oz Rambler Tumbler, got mine all murdered out of course:

Let’s get the big question out of the way first, Benny, do I really need to spend $35 on a mug? To which I reply, I mean I guess if you are going to to cheap out and not spring the extra $10(minimum) for the handle, then yeah you can just spend $35. With that out of the way, the other big question is, why YETI? Allow me to answer your question with a question, What are ur other options to enjoy a delicious ice cold Tito’s and Soda or a much need jolt of 99 cent coffee in? A red solo cup? Cool, what House are you in? A cheap plastic “mug” from a place that charges more than 99 cents for coffee during your commute? Great, make sure you get ur TPS reports in to Lumberg on time. A fancy rocks glass made of glass? Smooth, good luck sneaking that one past the Natural Resources Officers at Mayflower.

So now that we have eliminated all possible options, it’s clear you need a YETI. But which one? Like I already said I prefer the 30 oz Rumbler but your mileage may vary. So maybe the 10 or 20 ouncers are more ur speed. Or maybe you want to get crazy and go for the half gallon Rambler Jug ($100, niiiice).

But Benny, I am more of a beer drinker, what can YETI do for me?BOOM… I give you the Rambler Colster, $25 before monogram, 😉.I’ll let YETI speak for themselves on this gem:

“The YETI Colster® keeps cans and bottles so cold for so long that you’ll have to rethink your understanding of a few natural laws. Standard 12 oz. cans and bottles fit like a glove – a glove with double-wall vacuum insulation. The Load-and-Lock™ Gasket secures your drink in place, and No Sweat™ Design keeps your hands dry while your drink stays cold. Available in stainless and DuraCoat™ colors.”

And trust me, this little addition to the Benny YETI family is a beaut Clark, a beaut…

So it goes without saying that it was a very YETI Christmas for those in the Gloves extended family. In fact we even learned that if you spend enough, they just send you sweet gear, like this:Thank you YETI for all the joy you bring and for being one of HTTA’s Favorite Things… also #yetibutts

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