Jets Week Used to Mean Something

It is week 17, and the Pats’ win will lock up home field right through to the Superbowl. Truth be told, they could probably lose and still get it, because the Steelers are a bunch of mental midgts led by animatronic screaming statue Mike Tomlin, and will most likely lose this week. But I digress. Wait….Tomlin is seriously useless. Ok, now, I digress.


It’s also JETS WEEK! Jets week used to be a week that got everyone riled up. The fans battled and argued on the sports radio airwaves and especially in the parking lots. A Pats fan at a Meadowlands tailgate was like 3:2 odds to be sucker punched or stabbed. The passion ran deep.

It didn’t matter that the Jets sucked, the fans were into the team.  Or they were such degenerates that they just loved getting drunk and screaming obscenities on an early Sunday afternoon…probably a little of column A, little of column B.



Sure, they made a couple of playoff runs under resident moron Rex Ryan, and they even won a playoff game at Foxboro, after Wes Welker amazingly strung a few sentences together into a semi-coherent thought, and ripped on Rex’s ill-conceived foot fetish video. But all-in-all, the Jets were never a serious contender for anything.

But now…Jets Week has no sizzle. It’s closer to the feeling you get on a bye week than it is that of a big game. The blame lies squarely on the shoulders of the Jets and their despicable fan base. They are so beyond bad, that finally, nobody cares.

This is an absolute dumpster fire of an organization- really always has been. Back in ’69, Broadway Joe said “Hold my beer….all 24 of them…I got this” and snuck up on the Colts to steal SB III…and it’s been downhill from there.

Mark Gastineau, Sheldon Richardson, Nick Lowery slapping a ball boy, Bill Belichick turning them down, “I wanna kiss you”, Geno Smith, Rex Ryan, the Butt Fumble, the endless parade of terrible coaches, Marino running the fake spike play…this team has never been much more than a series of scumbags and embarrassments.

They are so bad that they decided to tank this year and couldn’t even do that right. Five wins have them pretty far away from the #1 overall pick they coveted.

Don’t get me wrong, I hate the Jets. I wish them, and their fan base, nothing but misery. But I liked it when they at least put up a fight. Jets Week now is just…blah. It’s nothing.

Jets fans! I call on you! Have some respect for yourselves, and show up on Sunday. I want to see your best! By that I mean, get completely liquored up, swear incessantly in front of families at the game, piss your pants, and then when you’re leaving (probably being escorted out) try to start a fight with anyone you can find (probably will be a woman) and then fall on your face trying to hit them. That is JETS!


I’ll leave you with some Jets’ fans classier moments:


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