The Morning After – The Celtics stole the Rockets soul

In case you were preoccupied watching reruns of Hart of Dixie (totally underrated show) the Celtics pulled the Mother of All Comebacks last night beating the Houston Rockets after being down 26 points.

It was a crazy night in general – negative 20 degrees outside, only 2 refs, Celtics sleepwalked through the first three quarters but the managed to get the game in their sights in the fourth. Then with about a minute left all hell broke loose.

Up 95-93 James Harden attempts a three from Causeway Street to try to ice the game. He bricks it. The C’s miss and foul. PJ Tucker makes one then Marcus Smart subsequently scores. 96-95. Harden makes 2 Free Throws and Tatum dunks. 98-97.

Then this insanity:


Horford then scores the go ahead bucket:


Here’s the full sequence of insanity:

You can see Harden start to go over the edge after the first offensive foul call and then he starts jockeying with Smart before the next inbound and he’s just looking to bulldoze Marcus. God bless Marcus Smart. He just baits and baits Harden and the next foul is inevitable.

Give Marcus the Defensive Player of the Year Award for that sequence alone. He goads the presumptive league MVP into self -destructing with a game on the line against a fellow title contender. If that isn’t the Defensive Play of the Year I don’t know what is.

Peep KG watching the last few plays:

Harden wants to blame the refs of course:

Ok so there’s only 2 when there should be 3 but as far as I know steam rolling guys to catch inbounds passes is still illegal and when you do it worse the second time, well what do you want James. Maybe next time don’t play hero ball and try to win a game by shooting an unnecessary 40 foot three when you could drain the clock and get fouled. Just a thought.

All in all the Celtics looked awful for 80% of the game against the leagues best team and still managed to win. That’s a nice little after Christmas bonus gift I’d say.


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