Hi-Top Welcomes Anthony Bennett to New England

The Maine Red Claws (the Boston Celtics G-League affiliate) have acquired former NBA 2013 overall #1 pick Anthony Bennett in a trade with the Northern Arizona Whozywhatsits.

Hi-Top would like to be the first to welcome Mr. Bennett to New England.

Let’s start with some Anthony Bennett Fast Facts:

1. He’s Canadian.

2. He’s a 2017 Euro League Champ.

3. He’s had surgery for sleep apnea.

So if he asks for bacon he really wants ham. He has Championship experience and just like your overweight cousin he snores like crazy.

Now that we are best friends with Anthony Bennett let’s pass on some tips regarding life in Maine.

1. The restaurant scene in Portland is excellent. At least everybody’s mother says so.

2. Don’t believe everything you’ve read in those Stephen King novels. I’ve heard he takes some liberties with the truth.

3. The best lobster rolls come from the road side diners. Don’t over pay.

4. No Banger jokes.

5. The Kittery Outlet scene is off the hook. And don’t miss out on the Kittery Trading Post.

There you have it Anthony Bennett. All you need to know to have a fine time in the great VacationLand state. Go Red Claws!

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