Jersey Talk

Nike may be the #1 footwear brand in the world but their ventures into other “businesses” have not always been smooth.

In particular their attempts at creating uniforms have been uniformly (see what I did there) terrible. Nike outfits many top soccer clubs and countries using basically an interchangeable template. Their NFL jerseys are pretty blah but of course, it is the NFL after all.

Well this year Nike has started their first partnership with the NBA. Seems like a match made in heaven right?

The first thing Nike did was to do away with Home and Away jerseys and replace them with a convoluted system of jerseys called (I shit you not) Association, Icon and Statement. Basically the home team of each game decides which jersey they are wearing and the other team then chooses a color set that doesn’t clash.

Ok fine whatever. As for the jerseys themselves Nike has produced a mostly inoffensive collection for each team. Boston has White, Green and Black. Nothing new there and aside from a few tweaks no other team in the league got too crazy either.

But wait. There’s a twist!

We have a fourth jersey option now. The City jersey. And here’s where Nike got a little nuts.

Of course the Celtics never allow any real stylistic chances to be taken with their brand – tradition and all that BS – so Boston gets a fairly tame gray number with supposed “parquet floor” accents:

Ummm I guess that looks like….something. The belt buckle area that looks like a Championship Banner is a nice touch and there’s a Red Auerbach autograph that you can’t see in this picture so they are trying. But as a fan who both understands respecting tradition and realizes that change is good (yes those two ideas can coexist in one mind) I’d like to see a little bit of a risk taken when you are taking about THE FOURTH DAMN JERSEY. If you’re going to make four, again FOUR, official uniforms at least one should be an original. Just one experts option here.

Anyways, I’ll hand it to Nike, they did come up with some pretty nice original designs for a few of the other teams in the league that aren’t afraid to try something new.

Here’s a few beauties:

That Chicago jersey is an absolute STUNNER. Too bad the team stinks. I suppose I’ll take a winning franchise over a dope jersey but it’s a close call.

P.S. – Does Boston have the worst uniform game or what? The C’s, Sox and Bruins get hamstrung by this “tradition” BS so they never get any cool looks and well the less said about Flying Elvis Patriot logo the better. Banners and parades will just have to do.


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