Boxing Day Spectacular

There’s a couple of things that the British really get right – tea time, rock bands, Kate Beckinsale, droll humor, dental care – but the biggest of all is slapping on a SECOND HOLIDAY the day after Christmas.

Happy Boxing Day!

The history of Boxing Day is unimportant (something about giving a “Christmas Box” to your local Chimney Sweep) but nowadays Boxing Day is all about the footie.

The entire British Empire takes the day off to watch some football (soccer for you gringos). There’s roughly 47,000 professional football clubs and most all play a match at 3 PM local time.

Imagine that! The national sport not only has an entire holiday devoted to it but they schedule almost every match at a time when you can both sleep in and still have time to engage in pre-match festivities. The match itself wraps up in a tidy two hours and you can have a pleasant evening and get to bed at a reasonable hour so you’re fully rested for the next workday, presumably sweeping chimneys.

God love those crazy Brits!

Now go put a fiver on Burnley to take points of Man U and do it quick. 3 PM in London is actually 10 AM over here in the colonies.

Boxing Day Picks

Everton over West Brom (Up the Toffees)

Bournemouth over West Ham

Take the OVER for Lester City/Watford and Stoke/Huddersfield

Liverpool (boo boo boo) over Swansea

And for real HAMMER Burnley – they are good I swear

TO THE QUEEN!!!!!!!!

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