Saturdays are for the NFL???

An annual tradition like no other. The confusion when the NFL starts playing games on Saturday.

It just doesn’t feel right.

The NFL is a Sunday/Monday league. The Thursday night games are a goddamn affront to human decency and should be shot out of a cannon and never seen again. But it’s about money so I get why the Thursday Night games were created.

But Saturday????? Is it strictly because College Football is (supposed to be) over? News Flash NFL – there’s now 90 million Bowl Games. There’s College Football on at any given moment in the month of December. Turn on ESPN6 at 4 AM and Tulsa is playing East Carolina in the LegoLand Ninjago Bowl Live from Tacoma Washington.

And that’s fine and dandy because December is supposed to be filled to the brim with meaningless Bowl Games contested by 6-6 teams that shouldn’t be celebrating a victory over another 6-6 team like they just broke the 72 Dolphins undefeated record. You may have won a made up trophy but you’re still a mediocre football team and that’s they way we sports fans want it.

Nobody has time for an NFL game on the Saturday before Christmas. If “your team” is playing on Saturday I feel for you. Any regular guy out there on the Saturday before Christmas is scrambling like hell to get all his presents purchased. Regular guys shop at the last possible moment and we don’t need the added distraction of an NFL game thrown into the mix.

So thanks but no thanks NFL. Stick your Saturday games in a sack buddy and let me get these last stocking stuffers before I go insane.


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