Beauty and the Beasley

The 2008 #2 overall pick finally fulfilled his promise as a basketball player. It only 9 years, 10 teams and 2 countries for Michael Beasley to put together one half of dominating basketball.

The Knicks beat the Celtics 102-93 as Beasley led the way with 28 second half points, finishing with 32 on the night. Every time the Celtics started to gain some momentum in the second half, Beasley was there for the Knicks to hit a big shot or grab a rebound.

“MVP” chants rained down from the rafters of the Garden as Beasley made bucket after bucket.

Has Beasley turned a corner on his career? Will play like this continue on a regular basis?

Hell no.

This was a one night phenomenon. A tsunami of improbability that just so happened to hit the Celtics. The PorzinGod was playing more like Porzingless and someone needed to step up. Half the Celtics dressed for the game were rookies and nobody filled the J-Train void in the offense. Kyrie took 27 shots and tried to will the Celtics back into the game. But at every turn there was Beasley.

Give the guy credit. Everyone in the building knew the ball was going to Beasley and he still scored.

Savior the night, Mike. I’m sure you lived it up. Probably won’t happen again at least not for another 9 years.


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