We Didn’t Start the Fire 2017

Harry Styles, Theresa May, Hail Mary, Green Bay

DeShaun Watson, Nick Saban, Dabo Sweeney

Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Chris Christie, Border Fence

North Korea, South Korea, Kim Jong’s a meanie

Grayson Allen, Coach K, My Kids Play the Right Way

Bagwell, Rock Raines and Pudge Rodriguez

Lock Her Up, Emails, Disrespecting females

Billy Bush, Steve Bannon, Obama goodbye

We didn’t start the fire…

Move over Big Ben, Super Bowl, Pats Back again

Matty Ice, Julio’s nice, Falcons on a roll

Bellicheck, Brady, Haftime, 21-3

Falcons score again, could this be the bitter end

Field Goal, Fumble, Atlanta starts to stumble

Clock mismanagement, Edelman saves the day,

Brady on the drive, Amendola, Overtime

Coin Flip, Pats Ball, Atlanta D about to fall

James White touchdown, Falcons hearts smashed all around

New England stays great, 34-28

We didn’t start the fire…

Wiretapping, Lavar Ball, Women’s March,

National Mall

Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad, everyone online is mad

Sean Spicer, Tillerson, Ivanka and Michael Flynn

Buzzer beaters we want more, March Madness is a bore

Netflix on TV screens, NBA super teams

Zuckerberg, Griande, Wonder Woman leads the way

Russian hacks, Session lacks, Amazon buys Whole Foods

We didn’t start the fire…

Macron, McCain, Donald Trump, Insane

Pens Cup, Elon Musk, Sydney Crosby’s brain is mush

KD, Nadal, Federer, win it all

Charlottesville racists gripes, Aaron Judge pinstripes

Hurricanes, Turnover Chains, Shkreli’s off to jail again

We didn’t start the fire…

Weinstein, Spacey, Toback, Louis

Kaepernick black balled, NFL ratings fall?

Houston Strong, Astros, Despacito

Shoplifting LiAngelo off to Lithuania you go

Chuck Berry, Tom Petty, Chris Cornell

College Football chaos, Saban wins from a loss

Fake news, Me too, Facebook Twitter lie to you

Tax Bill, Roy Moore, Gordon Hayward on the floor…

I can’t take it anymore

We didn’t start the fire….

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