Dear Santa,

What a time of year. Its cold out, snow is falling and immediately melting and hockey season is in full swing at all levels.

Each year very unoriginal people publish a series of “Santa Wish Lists” for everything under the sun. Well, I am not above any of those people…so here is my Christmas Wish list for not only the Bruins, but all of hockey.

Dear Santa, This year for Christmas I would like

  1. The Bruins to get an elite goal scorer. Yes, they are doing well with what they have, but sign someone who can please bring them to contention level! If you need any references please look at what the Celtics did.
  2. Tukka to continue playing at a high level. The Finnish kicker got off to a terrible start this season. He was benched for a few games and now has seemed to have found his groove. If the Bruins want to make any kind of run they need Tukka!
  3. Bruins ticket prices to come down…..just saying, it be nice to go to a game and not remortgage the house.
  4. Someone to realize Brandon Carlo needs to either step his game up or take a seat. The kid came out of nowhere last year and had a great rookie season. He is only 21 years old and is 6’5, 203lbs. Great potential but needs to stop worrying about how the city has fallen in love with Charlie McAvoy and stopping screwing up so much.brandon-carlo-boston-bruins-feature.jpg
  5. Just a Thank You for Charlie McAvoy!
  6. NBC would stop showing the Blackhawks so much. We get it!!! They won a few cups,  have an exciting player or two but give me a break. Ive never been to Chicago, dont ever plan on living there…so why do I give a rats ass about the Hawks?
  7. #6 part B…Stop putting the Blackhawks in an outdoor game every F#$%ing year.
  8. NBC, while we are at it…PLEASE FIRE Pierre McGuire!! Please! I cant take it. And I do speak for the entire hockey world by saying, No One Can. What do you see in this guy? Arguably the most annoying announcer in sports behind Jack Edwards.ebbpy88cjobno1if1yau_400x400.jpeg
  9. NESN, Fire Jack Edwards. Just awful.
  10. Please Cancel Sportscenter! I cant take the ‘panel discussions’ everyday over everything, especially the daily 30 minutes spent on Lebron. If you don’t cancel it, at least bring it back to the good old days of just two anchors who are actually funny and entertaining. “Cool as the other side of the pillow”
  11. Last, have the BU terriers hockey team not suck. They have a first rounder in net, 7 defense who have all been drafted in 3rd round or higher, 4 forwards drafted with an additional likely first rounder who is a freshman. With all that they are 2 games under .500 at 8-10-1. WTF

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