Le Cap’s Company Secret Santa List

Le Cap is a boot strap guy…a true friend of the common folks…and at Christmas, I like to take care of my boys.


We’ve had a tremendous 2 months of existence here at HTTA, and to show my appreciation for the crew who helped me make it happen, I’ve appointed myself the Secret Santa for ALL of them.

And to show my appreciation for the Hi-Toppers out there…I’ve decided to disclose all of the gifts to you before I give them.



Porzingus 3D

Porzingus 3D Puzzle

Obviously, my boy loves the hoops. Clearly, he’s into aliens and futuristic shit. And he loves Basketball “Unicorns”…and I think regular unicorns too. This gift checks off all the boxes. Enjoy putting this together, Z Dogg!




Fresh-Baked Bagels, from a reputable local shop

The Sleepy One has remained quite sleepy lately. But as I have learned from many years of sharing many a late night Vodka and (more vodka, and then a little more vodka) sodas with Sleepy…nothing brings him back to normal quite like a quality bagel. This guy loves him some fresh baked bagels. To quote the S.O. “If you have to toast it, it’s shit”…I mean, I think he said that. Sounds like something he’d say. These will be delivered to his car, though, because he’s not allowed gluten in the house.



Fieri CD

Guy Fieri Triple D Mix CD

This screams Benny Gloves. I might have actually ordered this for him for realz. There is nothing he likes more than Guy Fieri impressions and repeating inside jokes to death, so this collection on CD is perfect. Just keep hitting repeat, bro. And since it’s only $3.42, he gets a bonus gift…

Cuse yeti sleeve


‘Cuse Yeti Sleeve

Benny loves him some Yeti mugs. He drinks everything in that…ok, mostly Tito’s.  And much like the “mob” with the Teamsters, if you run any type of sports-media platform, you need to hire Syracuse peeps…Benny is one of ours.



Silky Mitts shirt

I went out and partnered with Under Armour, and got Silky Mitts his own clothing line. Congrats, Silky! You’re a hard working guy, you deserve it. Just do me a favor, ok….don’t attempt to contact Under Armour directly about this. Actually don’t mention it to anyone at all. It’s totally legit though…just waiting on some paperwork.




A Keyboard

We’re pumped to bring this guy on board, and can’t wait to get him contributing. Well, “can’t wait” is just something you say, we actually are kind of waiting. Now, he’s going to kill it, but, I am going out on a limb and guessing he can use a keyboard to write with.


Everyday Josef


Unlimited Pass for NCAA Division II All-22 Game Film

Josef is a football nut…and not like you and I. He’s hardcore. This guy spent years on the sidelines of schools and semi-pro teams you’ve never even heard of. So, I found some obscure site, based out of North Korea, that compiles all of the Div 2 coaches’ film, and got him a one year subscription…they’ve been in business for 4 years…he is their 3rd subscriber.



So that is a wrap on my Secret Santa shopping list, folks. Hope you all enjoy the gifts.



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