NBA Rewind – The Freak v The King

Just a small 3 game slate last night so maybe I’ll throw in some bonus tasty nuggs from outside the NBA. Maybe. You’ll have to read to find out.

Cavs 116 Bucks 119

LeBron may have won the stats battle but the Cavs made a 19-0 run to get back into the game with the King on the bench and he was left rolling on the ground as Giannis scored the game winning hoop.

No other highlights are needed here. When you’re a SuperStar and you start ending up on the floor as the younger guy wins the game…it’s the beginning of the end of the King’s reign.

Cans 106 Wiz 116

John Wall out here throwing no-look alley-oops:

Kings 101 Sixers 95

No Embiid = No highlights

From Elsewhere

The Official Hi-Top Endorsed Arizona State Sun Devils continue to roll:

Remy Martin with the extra sauce:

And over in China The Jimmer is dropping 54 point triple doubles. Now that’s an international incident:

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