NBA Mystery Investigation – The Toilet Bandit Strikes

Lil’ Dogg P.I. on the case here as another NBA Mystery has come across my desk.

The Case

Former Pro, UConn Star and hairless Icon Charlie Villanueva was the victim of a home invasion:

And the kicker:

Who steals a toilet indeed?

The Evidence

Let’s take a look at an enhanced photo of the crime scene:

Yes. Just as I suspected. Notice how clean the crime scene is. No spilled toilet water. No scraps of toilet paper. In fact it appears the perpetrator(s) stole the toilet paper along with the toilet. This could only be the work of a professional.

Let’s zoom in even farther to the object in the upper right:

It appears there is a plant in the sink. Curious. Very curious. This just might be the key to solving the whole crime.


As a veteran Private Investigator of NBA Mysteries, the Lil’ Dogg has seen a lot, some would say too much. But this case, the Villanueva Toilet Case, really has this pup down in the dumps.

The handy work of the thief, the skill set needed, the condition of the crime scene itself means only a true professional could be involved.

There’s only one suspect that needs to be considered:

Street Name – Mr. Clean

Mr. Clean knows his way around toilets. His trademark is keeping tile floors clean.

And there’s the hair. Or shall I say lack of hair. This is a bald on bald crime folks and probably the worst this Private Eye has ever seen.



Mr. Villanueva we’ve got your man but don’t expect to get that toilet back. It’s already seen too much.


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