Tom from Blink-182 getting classified UFO evidence released

Let’s start with a little personal info about the Lil’ Dogg. This pup has seen a UFO. I won’t bore you Hi-Topper Nation with the full story but I will say that the sky was clear above route 93 and the object in the sky moved faster and unlike any terrestrial plane could ever manage. Since bearing witness to this flying object I’ve come to firmly believe that there is more beyond our skies than we know.

While I may be a believer that pales in comparison to Tom DeLonge who quit his job as a Rock Star and is devoting his fortune to finding aliens.

Even casual Blink-182 fans know about former guitarist and band founder Tom DeLonge’s extreme interest for anything alien and UFO related. As far back as the band’s earliest songs he was sing about alien probes and abduction.

Lots of hardcore fans even blame the band’s endless splits between co-founders Mark and Tom on Tom’s alien obsessions.

It became a punch line. Tom was a joke, a crack pot.

So it came as no surprise when Tom finally left the band for good and seemed to be putting all his energy and money into alien research. Crazy, insane but not really all that surprising.

But it looks like Tom is about to have the last laugh here.

The news has been abuzz with stories of declassified UFO and alien research information being released by the Pentagon. Well it seems our old friend Tom is behind these releases. He started a company called To the Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences and hired some big deal former Military Intelligence Officers who managed to convince the government to let this info go public. To the Stars Academy have begun posting videos taken from military planes of purported UFOs:

To be honest here the videos are much like things we’ve seen before, little blips that move weird but you can’t really see anything.

But as a TRUE BELIEVER myself it’s just another little truth nugget planted out there. One more step closer to the inevitable. They are out there and they are watching.

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