Please Jayson Don’t Hurt ‘Em

Jayson Tatum dunked on the entire state of Indiana last night. TWICE.

If there’s been a knock on the Rook so far this season (and there really hasn’t but…) it’s that he hasn’t been aggressive enough with the ball. His shooting has been, well basically historically great but he was too passive only getting involved through others and not taking the game in his own hands.

So much for that!

And oh yeah he was still 1-1 from three and leading the whole goddamn league in 3 ball shooting.

I don’t care if this hyperbole is too much for the hypothetical Negative Nancys out there telling everyone to calm down. And I see you too Coach Stevens:

Jayson Tatum tapped into his inner Beast Mode last night. He entered the Cheat Code for the first time and now that we’ve all seen what he’s capable of….(extreme Tommy Heinsohn voice) OH BOY!!!!!!!!!!


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