Hi-Topper Rankings – NBA SuperStar Signature Dunks – Clyde Drexler

Every NBA Superstar has their own unique signature dunk. It’s the slam they go to on an open fast break or an undefended flush in the lane. It’s a know it when you see it jam and pretty much every star has one.

Hi-Topper HQ spent hours analyzing the film, breaking down the physics and the angles, the body posture, the grace or lack thereof. This is about beauty, about what looks cool and what doesn’t. We’re talking in-game dunks only here and we’re using our patented Hi-Topper 13 point scale and judging on 3 Categories –

Difficulty – How hard is it to pull off this jam in game?

Style – How smooth is this dunk? Do you immediately want to watch a replay?

Posterization – Would you hang a poster of this dunk on your bedroom wall?

We’ll be looking at SuperStars past and present. Let’s get to it:

Clyde Drexler – The Clyde the Glide Jam

Difficultly – 10 – At its very basic DNA this is just a one-handed jam. The difficulty level gets increased because Clyde is able to bust out this dunk in a variety of scenarios not just on a breakaway. Pulling this off in traffic or right in some poor fool’s grill (sorry Isiah Thomas) increases the difficulty level exponentially.

Style – 13 – It’s the legs, Clyde, the legs. The way Clyde bends both knees together and brings both his calves up is so unique, it’s so trademark Clyde, you could clip a photo framing only that portion of his legs and you instantly know it’s Clyde. Clyde’s legs elevate this from an ordinary one-hand slam to a Signature Clyde the Glide Jam.

Posterization – 13 – Once again, it’s the legs. The arm extension all the way down to the bended knees strikes such an iconic pose, it’s just perfect for a poster.

Overall Score – 36 out of 39

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