Weekend Winner

Listen up Hi-Topper Nation. If you are not watching your football with a beer in one hand and a copy of the Official Playing Rules and Casebook of the National Football League in the other hand then you are just doing it all wrong because this weekend’s Weekend Winner is….

Rules & Regulations

Specifically Article 3.3

You may have completed Step 1 and Step 2 Pittsburgh Steeler Tight End Who’s Name I’ve Already Forgotten but you Sir did NOT complete Step 3.

I get those of you who may have erroneously thought catching a Football was a simple 1 Step process. But oh how foolish of you to be so unaware. Of course it’s a 3 Step process involving becoming a “runner”. You can’t simply be a “catcher” of a football when you catch a football. You MUST be a “catcher” that then turns into a “runner” otherwise you were never a “catcher” at all.

It’s a simple philosophical statement really:

One can not run with a football until one has caught said football and you can not have caught said football until you have run with said football.

Got it Pittsburgh. It’s day one stuff. Learn the rules before you play the game.


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