How the world was forever changed

Dec. 17th marks the anniversaries of two very significant moments in my, nay, all our lives!

Dec. 17, 1917. Montreal, Canada. The newly formed National Hockey League plays its first ever game between the Montreal Wanderers and the Toronto Arenas. The game was played at the Westmount Arena in front of a rowdy 700 fans. Wanderers won that night 10-9. The first ever NHL goal was scored by Wanderers defenseman Dave Ritchie. The game also featured a young Art Ross, who scored the only NHL goal of his career.

Oddly enough the Wanderers would not win another game and the team would fold in January 1918 after their arena burned down.

The NHL in 1917 had only 4 teams: Montreal Canadiens, Montreal Wanderers, Toronto “Arenas” (they didn’t have an official team name), and Ottawa Senators. The teams played for the O’Brien Cup. The winner of that would then play the Pacific Coast Hockey Association for the Stanley Cup.


(O’Brien Cup)

Dec. 17, 1989. Across AmericaThis marks the original air date of a TV show that would define pop Culture to this day… The Simpsons.

Who would have thought that this poorly drawn, not really that funny (looking back) TV show would still be on air 28 years later. Simpsons_on_Tracey_Ullman.png

Originally a short cartoon during the Tracy Ulman Show, the Simpsons in now the longest running animated and sitcom  show in U.S history.  In fact the show holds 9 Guiness records:

With countless quotable moments and characters we all know, it is impossible to start listing a “best of”. (Plus its late and Im tired.)



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