The TB12 Method App Review

Pliability is the name of the game when it comes to the exercise, no make that life altering TB12 Method.

Pliability is all about “soft” muscle that can’t get injured the way “hard” muscles so often do.

Unbeknownst to the Lil’ Dogg, this pup has actually been following the TB12 Method most of my adult life cuz believe me my muscles are soft as hell. And you know what – I have not once been placed on any Injured Reserve list. Never missed a game. Not a one.

Did I need to spend $199.99 to find that out? Why yes. Yes I did.

I was just about to head to my local fitness center to do some “traditional” workout activities like lifting weights. Oh no no no. What a mistake that would have been.

Instead I grabbed my official TB12 bands and ladder:

Now I’m ready to make my muscles soft and long. All for the low low price of $230.

Of course I need some energy before I can make my muscles pliable. No worries TB12 has me covered:

Snacks are great and all but what about when I’m ready for a full meal. I heard something about tomatoes but I’m not sure if they are a go or a no. Let’s check the Nutrition Manual just to be sure:

Sold out!!!!!! Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!


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