Lunch Break Preview – Celtics go walking in a Spida web

The Celtics host the Utah Jazz tonight. The Jazz are in the midst of a 4 game losing streak after winning 6 straight before that. Streaky streaky! These Jazz are super streaks.

The brightest bright spot on the Jazz season so far has been the unlikely emergence of rookie Donovan “Spida” Mitchell. Every NBA blog on the internet is writing about Mitchell but just remember that your friends at Hi-Top were first.

Mitchell has benefited greatly from a dire lack of offensive options, hell Ricky Rubio was being asked to take 15 shots a game at the beginning of the year. Spida has gladly grabbed the offensive reigns for the Jazz and shown that he can produce big numbers including a 41 point game.

The Celtics under Coach Stevens have never been ones to concern themselves with how much 1 individual player scores (see Devin Booker). So it would be no surprise and no concern to if Mitchell gets 30+. The goal is always team defense and limiting open looks.

Watch these highlights from two of his 30 point performances.

It’s a lot of tough shots off dribble drives. He’s creating offense on his own which is impressive but it’s also something the Celtics will gladly force the Jazz into. Taking on 3 guys in the lane to try and make a contested layup will always be preferable to a kick out to an open look. A couple drives might end up on a highlight reel but overall it’s a win for the defense.

Prediction – Jazz 91 Celtics 110


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