Code Red Press Release- We’re Growers

For Immediate Release:

From the desk of Le Capitaine

We have been simply killing it over here. Countless web clicks, thousands of unique visits, and we aren’t going to stop anytime soon. But I am growing a little concerned about Lil’ Dogg…the dude doesn’t stop pumping out material. This is a live look into his office.


Well, the Dogg, and hopefully all of the H-Toppers out there should be excited to know that we are once again growing. We’re adding another contributor, and it’s none other than my own brother. Nepotism is alive and well within the walls at the HTTA complex.

The Sophomore will be coming at you soon with fresh material for your enjoyment. We’re bringing him on especially for his takes on movies, music and all things entertainment.

But this is a strategic move beyond just his blogs. I’m just gonna say, the kid knows his audio, video, and is an accomplished podcast host. Shit, I’ve said too much.

You may have also noticed some slight changes on the site- links to view by author, a drop down for categories, etc. We’ve begun upgrading the site, and will continue to make it a better experience.

Stay tuned, and watch us grow.

Le Capitaine


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