Shameless 1980s Nostalgia Tournament – Matchup #8 – Rad vs Gleaming the Cube

Welcome back to the Shameless 1980’s Nostalgia Tournament. The premise is simple. We pit two awesome things from the 80’s against each other and our expert panel of Nostalgia Profiteers decide which awesome thing is more awesome.


First Round Matchup #8 –

Rad BMX Dance Scene


Gleaming the Cube Skate Scene

BMX and Skateboarding engaged in a decade long struggle for the hearts of the extreme 80s teen so it’s only fitting that the two radical sports go head-to-head in our Shameless 80s Showdown.

Rad was a late 80s cable TV staple. Many a Saturday afternoon was spent contemplating the Hell Track and the merits of delivering newspapers via backflip.

Gleaming the Cube was the apex of the 80s skate craze. Every skater worth his salt in ollies made an appearance. Combined with ultimate cool teen Christian Slater, Cube was a can’t miss affair.

Looking at strictly these two scenes, the matchup is closer than a backside 180. Rad scores big points for the use of “Send Me An Angel”, an all-time 80s slow dance jam. The moves are great in both films and Gleaming the Cube has some added emotional weight as Slater is skating through the grief of losing his adopted brother. Heavy stuff indeed. In the end it really comes down to the work of the body doubles and how well each movie covered up the fact that the stars weren’t pulling off nollies and 360s. This is where Rad really suffers. The obviousness of the dude doubling for Lori Laughlin is more painful than a Full House “Danny Tanner likes to clean” joke. Gleaming the Cube on the other hand turns this hamstring into an artistic statement by utilizing some great silhouette shots.

Winner – Gleaming the Cube

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