Top 5 WR Busts of the Century

It looks like the Patriots are signing Kenny Britt to a 2 year deal. For anyone who has played fantasy football- I’m recovering, 2 years clean- you know all about Britt.


He’s the ultimate tease. He gives you just enough of a peek to really turn you on. Next thing you know, you have yourself convinced he’s going to crack the top 15 WR’s, and you’ll take him as your WR3…and what happens? 6 weeks later you’re scouring the waiver wire, nursing a severe case of fantasy blue balls.

Overall, Britt has been a disappointment, but he’s far from the biggest bust at the position. In honor of Mr Britt’s impending arrival in Foxboro, here are my Top 5 Wide Receiver Busts of the Century



5- Troy Williamson

troy williamson

Williamson was drafted 7th overall and was billed as Randy Moss’ replacement in Minnesota. He lasted 3 seasons in Minny, and his 3 yr totals would’ve been an embarrassingly bad season for Moss.


4- Justin Blackmon

2012 NFL Draft - First Round
during the 2012 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall on April 26, 2012 in New York City.

Blackmon was taken 5th overall by the Jags in 2012, and off-field issues limited him to 20 games, and under 1280 yards. This guy was an absolute STUD at Ok St, just an unstoppable force, and should have been an impact guy right away in the NFL.



3- David Terrell


Pats’ fans will remember Terrell as the guy some writers and thousands of yahoo fans wanted BB to draft out of Michigan instead of Richard Seymour. Of course, as we know, that was stupid. Instead DT went #8 overall to the Bears, and his career numbers, 128 catches, 1602 yds, would be a great season…he did it over 4 years.


2- Braylon Edwards


Edwards, another Michigan Man, came to Cleveland as the 3rd overall pick in 2005, and was expected to be part of the solution. But much like everything else in life for Clevelanders…it didn’t work out.

He actually proved his talent with one great season, 2007 (1289 yards, 16 TD’s). But that season just made the pain that much worse. This was his only above average year, and by 2009 he was traded out of Cleveland…he never sniffed those numbers again.


1-  Roy Williams- Mike Williams- Charles Rogers

Lions WR

I can’t not put these guys together. They were drafted in the top 10 in 3 consecutive years by Matt Millen of the Lions. All 3 were extremely talented WR’s in college, and none of the 3 lived up to the hype in the NFL.

Roy Williams actually had a couple of decent seasons, but never really became a top WR. Meanwhile the other two were complete duds, washed out of the league, and rightfully cost Matt Millen his job.

They actually were cited, just above the downturn in the auto industry, as the most depressing thing about the last 20 years in Detroit.

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