Nas v Zo With bonus Hi-Topper Top 5 – Rap Album Covers

Lavar Ball’s oldest was in the news last night for moves on and off the court in NYC. On the court he had a pretty okay game in an OT loss to Knicks.

Off the court he caused some uproar by showing up to Madison Square Garden wearing this:

Ball’s hoodie is an image of his own face and name photoshopped on to NYC native son Nas’ iconic Illmatic album cover.

The response from New Yorkers was of course loud, crude and bombastic. Here’s a take from official NY spokesman Michael Rappaport:

The official Lil’ Dogg take on this “controversy” is – Nas is trash. He’s the most overrated rapper of all-time. The Illmatic album cover is probably his greatest contribution to rap so Big Baller taking at shot at the cover is definitely shots taken at NYC. I say bravo 👏Big Ballers.

But like I said Nas is trash and the Illmatic cover is Top 15 maybe.

Top 5 Rap Album Covers







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