Get Ready for Celtics v Nuggets by Watching the Sweetest Jump Shot of All-Time

The Celtics host the Nuggets tonight and to be perfectly honest there is absolutely nothing exciting about this Nuggets team and pretty much nothing worth talking about. I fully expect the Celtics to erase the memory of their pathetic performance against the Bulls by blowing the doors off the Nuggets.

Prediction – Nuggets 87 Celtics 106

Instead lets celebrate my pick for the prettiest looking, sweetest jump shot in basketball history – Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf.

Mahmoud’s battle with OCD resulted in developing a technically perfect jump shot motion, the kind that can only come from a Gladwellian ten thousand hours of repetition.

Let’s save a full dive into Mahmoud’s career for another day and instead just enjoy some pure jump shot bliss:

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