Well, that didn’t go well.

The New England Patriots showed last night that they are human. They showed that Tom Brady is not always terrific. The Patriots faithful bared the harsh elements of 50 degrees with a slight breeze to watch this dud. Some people had to put on long sleeves and hats. They sat through these unbearable conditions to watch….that.

Win or lose, this guy had a blast at the game. Here is a quick recap.

  1. Hard Rock is a pretty cool stadium. Very clean. Good sight lines.
  2. It is very easy to sneak into the expensive seats with a standing room only ticket! All you have to do is tag right behind a group of guys talk and and start laughing like your’e in on their conversation. The high tech security guard won’t even blink an eye.
  3. Dan Marino is the popular High School guy who goes back to school after graduation because everyone looks up to him. You can tell this guy thrives off the attention of his former glory. Im pretty sure he was wearing Isotoner’s as well. mitts-with-marino.jpg
  4. The best pass Brady threw all night was in warm ups to Randy Moss on the sidelines.
  5. Seal as a halftime show?? Really? Seal??? Nothing gets a football crowd pumped up like Kiss from a Rose!
  6. Lastly, I’m pretty sure Jay Cutler was ripping butts on the sidelines.

The silver lining in all this is that even though they played absolutely brutal, it took an NFL teams best game of the season to beat them….by 1 touchdown. Oh well, on to Pittsburgh.

See you next time Miami!  Go Pats! Hard Rock silky mitts.JPG

twitter: @silkymitts7


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