Jeter Plays it Cool in Hot Stove Season


With the Winter Meetings kicking off in Orlando, and in the wake of the Yankees’ afternoon introduction of Giancarlo Stanton, one would expect new Marlins CEO Derek Sanderson Jeter would be very busy answering questions and working on his next moves.

Obviusly, Jeter would spend Monday evening working the lobby, putting his charm and spin on the situation, right??? No. Captain Jetes was 221 miles south in Miami, sitting comfortably in a luxury box taking in the Dolphins-Pats game.

This sent baseball media into a frenzy. He was being ripped by the local press in Miami especially hard, the subtext being that he’s in over his head.

Then the incredibly sanctimonious national baseball media weighed in:

So looks like Derek Jeter is at the MNF game tonight rather than answering the many Marlins questions reporters have at the winter meetings.

— Susan Slusser (@susanslusser) December 12, 2017


Even reporters who are objectively terrible at their job took swipes at old #2:

ESPN just showed Derek Jeter watching from a suite at the Patriots-Dolphins game. It’s not like the Winter Meetings started today.

— Pete Abraham (@PeteAbe) December 12, 2017

Clever, Pete. You nailed it. My guess is this was 2 hours after everyone else tweeted about it.


But I digreess. All in all, this is clearly a bad move by Jeter, right?

HELL NO. Brilliant by DJ. From one Capt to another…absolutely brilliant. Play it cool as a mofo. Heading to the game is a huge Power Move.

Everything in the offseason is done according to the same old schedule and routine. The writers, especially, get their panties in a bunch when things work outside of the norm. After all they need to justify their existence (and travel budget) by getting a good quote between trips to the pool and ordering room service. If this whipper-snapper Jeter isn’t going to play by the rules, they may have to do some actual….gasp….REPORTING. That shit doesn’t fly.

The Marlins need an Astros-level tear down. They have one of the worst 2 or 3 farm systems in baseball, and until this weekend, a brutal Payroll situation. They do have some young assets that will command a return in Yelich, Ozuna, Realmuto. They already made one big move out of apparent desperation, why should the CEO look anxious to make more? You want some of this…you come and find me.

Ozuna for one, is a legit power bat, and had a huge breakout this year. The market for power is a seller’s one at this point, so the Marlins should sit back and let the action come to them. I mean, worst case, someone needs to talk to him…I’m sure phones work at SunLife Stadium. I’m sure he has access to a laptop. He can get back to O-town in an hour.

So good for Jeter. Anything that can throw a wrench into the Old Way of thinking in baseball, is good by me. I love the sport, and don’t want an overhaul of the on-field product, but this sanctimonious BS, especially from BBWAA members, is fair game.

In the front office, the Captain is as cool as he was on the field. (God, I’m going to puke after writing this). If he executes the rebuild, and the team is looking up, by this time next year these same writers will be doing features on him, and no one will remember that he went to the ‘Fins game.

Le Cap


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