Do You HQ?

The Lil’ Dogg has a problem. I stand before you Hi-Topper Nation and admit my addiction.

This pup is addicted to trivia.

Love trivia. Gotta have the trivia. I need questions and I need them now. The more arcane the better.

Who was the President directly proceeding Grover Cleveland?

I have no godly idea but give me three options and I’ll give you my best educated guess and I will love every second of it.

But here’s the problem. I can’t get my trivia fix very often. Bar Trivia on Wednesday Night ain’t happening after you get to a certain age. Jeopardy is cool but there’s no rush, no buzz when you don’t really have any skin in the game.

What is a Trivia addicted pup to do?

Into this void of deep deep trivia devotion has stepped HQ.

HQ delivers a twice daily (3PM & 9 PM EST) trivia contest via logging in to the app on your phone. You compete against however many people are also on the app at game time (usually 200K-400K) by answering multiple choice questions. One wrong answer and you are eliminated. Those left standing after 12 questions split the prize money.

Yes HQ is giving out cold hard CASH 💵 !!!

Prizes have ranged from $500 to $10,000 per game with winnings being split between those who’ve answered all 12 questions correctly. The app claims winnings over $20 can be redeemed immediately via PayPal.

The questions get progressively harder and you only have 10 seconds from the start of the question to answer.

There’s been speculation online that people are cheating by googling but the time goes by so fast I find it hard to imagine unless people are working in teams or something. If you are out there cheating at HQ then you suck as a human. That’s just a fact.

So don’t try to contact the Lil’ Dogg at 3 or 9 cuz my mind will be in the zone, the Trivia Zone, and if you mess with my Mojo I’m coming for you, one multiple choice question at a time.


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