P.G.A. Embraces Cheaters

The PGA apparently has decided that TV viewers will no longer be able to call-in rules violations. This is a big, big, HUGE mistake by the Professional Golfers Association.

Golf is a game built on truth, justice and the Scottish way. Honor is paramount. Rules are king.

Yet now the PGA is saying loud and clear, “Cheaters! We welcome you with open arms!!!!”

The eternal question has been asked many times, “Who are these people who call in rules violations?”

Heroes. That’s who they are. Just ordinary citizens who become extraordinary. They see an injustice and they step in to right the wrong. Sometimes heroes wear capes. Other times they sit in their boxers with one hand on their junk and the other hand on the DVR pause button. You don’t choose the fight, the fight chooses you and for these special individuals their fight is golfers who move ball marks one quarter of an inch because one quarter of an inch is the difference between the balm lipping in and the ball lipping out.

Why would the PGA decide to take this power away from these Citizen Golf Police? Why indeed?

There can only be one answer. The answer to every question – MONEY. The PGA wants low scores. Low scores equal ratings. Ratings equal money. The casual fan who couldn’t tell you a one stroke penalty from a relief drop only cares about seeing those sweet sweet scores. And they could careless how these “Professionals” get them.

Go ahead and cheat. That’s what the PGA, the supposed gatekeepers, caretakers of the sacred sport announced loud and clear today. Does Moral Fiber mean nothing? How about Character? Honor?

For shame PGA. For shame.

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