Make MNF Great Again!

The Pats are in Southern Florida tonight to take on the Dolphins on Monday Night Football, and we thought we should send our own Silky Mitts down to cover the action. Well he’ll be in the vicinity and possibly in the game, we hope. So check him out on twitter @SilkyMitts7 , as he live tweets the events of the night.

It better be interesting…if it’s not, he’s not welcome back up here at the Hi-Top offices, and might as well find a place to live down in Boca or something.

 Del boca vista

Tonight’s tilt with Miami isn’t exactly the highlight of the football week…a troubling trend over the last couple of years. I can’t remember the last time I sat down to watch MNF, but it used to be must see TV at the Le Cap household, and all over the sports world.

Whenever you heard this…


…you were fired up for kickoff. Now it’s something you barely stop on when you’re flipping between NCIS- and Chicago- based dramas. The games are bad, and it’s not really a show like it used to be.

I grew up on Michaels-Gifford-Dierdorf, and although the latter two were, in many ways, complete dolts…it was a great team. I can still hear them in my head. Today, McDonough is a great play-by-play guy, and Gruden has his moments, but nobody is going to remember their MNF calls in 20 years.

People used to care about MNF. Remember when it was a national story that they turned over Cosell and Dandy Don’s baby to the likes of Dennis Miller, and people were genuinely bent out of shape?

MNF Team

Do you think if tonight, Gruden were replaced by John Oliver or Chris Christie, there’d be one front page story on it? Unlikely.

I’ll admit, this has been pushed way into the back of mind, but every time the Patriots play on Monday night, it brings it back to the forefront. If an institution like Monday Night Football can fall so far, so fast…what will be next? Sears? The coal industry? Boston’s newspapers?

It shakes me to the core, like when, as an 8 year old, I found out York Steak House was closing at the Meadow Glen Mall…or as a 9 year old, when my parents brought me to virtually any other restaurant and I realized the York Steak House was terrible.

I pledge to you, Hi-Toppers, that I will watch every minute of tonight’s game, I will interact with Silky Mitts live tweets, I will man the Hi-Topper twitter switchboard….all in an effort to Make Monday Night Football Great Again!

Le Cap



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