Welcome to Miami!

Well, I made it! After every intense negotiations Le Capt and Lil’ Dog agreed to send me to Miami to cover the Patriots-Dolphins Monday night game! The only catch is that they didn’t pay for a game ticket. So basically they sent me 1,200 miles to sit at a bar and watch the game. However, Im not giving up that easy. Determined to see Tom Brady, I WILL get into that game tomorrow!

Actually, they didn’t send me to Miami either. They sent to Ft Lauderdale. Yes, I know its close but its still not Miami…..and Ive been here all day have haven’t seen one Fort! Worst  part is I packed nothing but Linen suit, a pink t-shirt and loafers, because that is what every movie I’ve ever seen tells me they wear down here. Not only does NO ONE dress like that, It was 55 degrees here today so I’m freezing my ass off!

Here are the facts about tomorrow night battle in the Everglades.

The Patriots are 10-2 , 1st place in the AFC East, Tied for First overall in the division and on an 8 game winning streak. The Dolphins apparently still have a football team.

Even without Gronk, serving a 1 game suspension, the Patriots have too much fire power for the Fins. The Pats Defense has also looked solid since starting the season off slowly. They are averaging 18.6 points allowed per game, ranking them 9th in the league. The Fins will start Jay Culter at QB and in doing so have announce they literally do not care about their season.

Prediction: Patriots 32-10

Now, excuse me while go rip it up tonight! If you want to see my attempts on getting into the game tomorrow, follow me on twitter @silkymitts7


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