NBA Rewind – Celtics get Manu’d

Boston lost a close one in San Antonio last night, 105-102. Manu the Ageless Argentinian Wonder hit two daggers, one at the end of each half to lift the Spurs to victory.

Let’s focus on the positives here since this was basically a dead even game, the Spurs hit their three and Kyrie’s answer was half way down before rimming out.

First, Jaylen Brown in goggles is THE look. Absolutely love the J-Train in goggles. Especially when he’s committing murder by put-back dunk:

Kyrie had 17 of his 36 in the first quarter and even had his FIRST DUNK of the season:

Tatum had another un-rookie night, 6-11 and 2-4 from three. The dude leads the ENTIRE LEAGUE in three-point shooting and can also do this:

So I’m not even going to mention that the Celtics lost after starting the fourth with a lead for the first time all season because it’s kind of a fake stat, a stat reporters throw out because it sounds interesting but it’s actually meaningless.

Instead I’m going to say that it’s on to Detroit for a more important game on Sunday afternoon. The Celtics need to prove that they can deal with Andre Drummond after the show he put on a few weeks ago in Boston.

Goodbye Masked Kyrie, Hello Rec Spec J-Train!


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