NBA Rewind – How do you solve a problem like the Thunder?

A small slate last night in the NBA. Let’s get right to it:

Rockets 112 Jazz 101

Harden goes off. Again:

Wiz 109 Suns 99

No Wall. No Booker. Yes Beal.

Lakers 107 Sixers 104

The Lake Show gets some revenge on the Sixers after being humiliated by Lord Embiid a few weeks ago. Brandon Ingram with the game winner. Dude celebrate and eat a steak – you skiiiiiny.

El Nets 100 El Thunder 95

El Nets go vido loco caliente and get Los W in Mexico.

How do you solve a problem like the Thunder?

OKC is now 11-13. To put that in perspective, let’s compare that to three teams that were widely considered to be in the proverbial tank this year – the Nets are 10-14, the Jazz are 13-13 and the Suns are 9-18. After the Melo trade, no one had the Thunder in the middle of that pack. An adjustment period was expected for sure, you can’t add two stars and not expect there to be a getting to know you period, even the Bron Bron Heat started off less than smooth. But with 30% of the season gone OKC is sitting 2 games below .500 and losing to teams like the Nets and are 2-10 on the road. Last night with no Paul George you would expect Melo to have a big night. He had 11 points. If you watch the Brooklyn highlights, the amount of wide open shots is immediately evident. Guys get open shots from two things – bad defensive rotation or a lack of hustle to close out shooters. Both are BAD signs. Poor communication and/or poor effort mean players are checked out or not playing for each other. Life in the Western Conference means you fall to far behind the Playoff pack and you run out of games to get back in. Currently the Thunder sit 9th in the West. It’s only December but also it is December. Time to figure this out.


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